Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CDC?

The Catholic Discipleship College is a school of transformation. Guided by the Holy Spirit, students develop skills in living their lives as followers of Jesus.

2. What is CDC’s approach?
As in our Vision Statement, there are three cornerstones to the year: Living in community, Study and Prayer. We believe this is at the heart of what it means to live life as a disciple of Christ. We find our smaller class size helps to give our students a sense of belonging and the confidence to be who they really are. 

3. What is CDC’s Statement of Faith?
We are faithful to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. This means that we take Catholic Church teachings at face value. We believe them, not in an abstract way, but as the key to living life well as a Christian. The Bishops of New Zealand have given CDC their full support (see endorsements).

13. Balance between family life


15. Does CDC accept International Students?
Though most of our students are from New Zealand, in the past our community life has been enriched by international students. To be accepted they do need a valid visa for the duration of the course.

1. When does the year begin and end?

2. Can I continue to use Social Media?

3. When can I visit family?

4. Is there time-off or a break in the year?

5. What are the house rules?

6. Is alcohol allowed?

7. International Students


8. Do I need to bring any special Books?
When you come to CDC you will need an approved Catholic Bible plus a Morning and Evening Prayer Book.


9. Qualifications

We are not an academic institution in the usual sense. Still, the curriculum is demanding, including intensive study of the Catholic Church’s history and teachings. We also teach practical lessons on how to pray and to lead a life devoted to God. Graduates of the Catholic Discipleship College receive a Diploma in Sacred Studies, but we are not NZQA accredited.

10. What are the Fees?
They are $10,000 per student which includes Tuition, Room and Board, travel for pilgrimage and outreach, and GST.


A deposit of $5,000 is required before the CDC year commences. The balance needs to be paid off by regular monthly instalments and completed before Graduation.

Catholic Discipleship College

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Charities Commission Number:  CC35841